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My First Lead Role in a Full Length Film,and Why I accepted it...

August 3, 2017

Although I'm very excited about the role/ opportunity. I know that many women in my shoes probably would not have taken it.  However, I hope that people would understand. I've only discussed the details of the film with my husband, family, and close friends. Mainly, because I don't tend to share information about acting work,until it is secured since the entertainment industry is so fickle. Without going into detail, anyone that is following my career or that knows me personally will probably be surprised to say the least. I've already had someone ask "Why did you choose that?" I didn't think I would be answering those type of questions until after the film is done,but after becoming slightly defensive I found the question to be laughable. So before I even reveal anything about the opportunity publicly. Here's why...

*I'm an actor

*I've been performing for 10 + years

*Legit film opportunities have come few/far between for me 

*Although, I've been blessed with opportunity to perform for a living with performance based jobs the desire to be in film/television tugs at me and my heart.


The ironic thing is I wouldn't say I "chose" the film. I would say I was presented the opportunity,and I took it. For those of you who don't know its hard enough as a black woman to be in this industry. Even named actresses are saying the same thing. Ms. Cicely Tyson explains what I mean perfectly in this video below:

 Therefore, if anything yes I chose to audition for this project among several others. To be honest I went into this audition process with the mindset that if I didn't get the role it wouldn't be because I didn't try. I'm already limited enough as a performer. I made this video years ago in regards to dating,but I feel these may also be reasons why I haven't received many opportunities to perform in film...

 So with that being said...  I feel like I've been hidden for whatever reason in regards to film. So aside from the support of my husband,and family. I accepted the role,because not only is it the lead,and compensated (Which most independent projects aren't). I feel like this film will challenge me as a performer as well as be a great platform for me,and at the end of the day, I am comfortable with myself enough to know that when the camera stops rolling I am no longer my character. I am Miracle Sims.. Wife, Sister, Daughter, Christian,Entrepreneur... Actress.


Let's have fun!

Without knowing anything bout the Role,Character, or Film

What/ Who do you think she is or the film is about?

Leave your guess in the comments below!


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